Internships - Trainings at the Genomics Student Lab

Due to our recent shift of the RB&AB group towards academic research, there are currently no GSL internships available.

A new way of doing your internship

The Genomics Student Lab (GSL) stems from the Green Student Lab, which then was an initiative of the RNA Biology & Applied Bioinformatics (RB&AB) group and the FNWI focal-point "Green Life Sciences". The Genomics Student Lab goes beyond Green Life Sciences to all possible topics of Life Sciences. We chose to offer students internships that focus on a career outside of the academic environment. The GSL is run like a regular -independent- lab, but, it obtains research questions mostly from non-academic parties, such as companies or institutes. In addition, emphasis is on  a independent posture of the involved students, which means that you have a big say in how the project will be executed. An internship in the Genomics Student Lab will be assessed similarly as a conventional academic internship. To sum up, the Genomics Student Lab is a new research training lab for and by students where the University of Amsterdam is often linked to companies in the various sectors such as diagnostics, pharmaceutics. It combines academic environment and innovative questions from the industry in a way that gives both students and companies many advantages.

Advantages for students:

  • Experience working in the frame of a project where a company defines the goals
  • Experience with work in a multidisciplinary project
  • Learning to deal with (new) own responsibilities within a project
  • Enjoying the availability of experts from diverse topics and domains
  • A distinguishing educational edge compared to other students

Advantages for companies

  • Meeting and educatig potential future employees at an early stage
  • Defining own research projects that will be executed at the university
  • Setting up research project independent from the topics of interest of UvA research groups
  • Getting interesting results for free
  • Gaining natural access to academic experts and their knowledge

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