Collaborating projects

The MAD not only acts as a service provider, but also as an expert genomics technology and/or bioinformatics partner in scientific projects. These projects range from toxicogenomics ("Genomic analysis and in vivo imaging of stress in aging-related disease" funded by IOP, STW), food safety (together with Unilever) & mechanistic studies (e.g. Biofilm with ACTA), biomarkers (with RIVM and EMC), to e-infrastructure (e.g. Virtual Lab for Plant Breeding with TTI-GG, WUR and NLeSC). The MAD is always open to collaboration or participation in projects concerning genomics technology or bioinformatics analysis. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Timo Breit, Dr. Martijs Jonker, or Dr. Han Rauwerda

We are especially interested in orphan genomics projects, i.e. small projects with a limited focus that are struggling to attract attention from academic researchers or companies. Examples are: Infectious diseases in several ZOO species.

Testimony of our expert collaboration skills and result can be found in the numerous collaborative scientific articles we have published with our collaborative partners over the years.

Current projects

Met hybridekracht meer aardappel.  With Meijer Potato BV, et al.
Het doel van dit project is het snel verduurzamen van de aardappelteelt door genetica in aardappelplanten te ontdekken en implementeren waarmee nieuwe generaties klimaatbestendige aardappelrassen worden ontwikkeld die droogtebestendig en zouttolerant zijn, een hoge opbrengst geven en efficiënter met stikstof (N) omgaan.

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