The MAD offers you their long-standing expertise in NGS and related bioinformatics plus the necessary top quality NGS equipment to guide you through the complex world of genomics & transcriptomics. We have extra focus and expertise on smallRNA-seq.
We offer you the following genomics technology and bioinformatics services in a collaborative setting or for an affordable price:

  • RNA and DNA isolation from experimental samples
  • Expert Next-Generation Sequencing expertise & technology:
    • Illumina NextSeq 550 system
    • We specialize in small-RNAseq experiments
  • Expert Third-Generation Sequencing expertise & technology:
  • Several innovative NGS applications:
    • Green Forensics, a tool to decisively address breeding-right infringement
    • Genome Lineup, a genotyping-by-sequencing method using whole-genome sequencing
    • ViSiR, a NGS method to detect known plant viruses and discover unknown plant viruses
    • eDNA toolkit, an approach to detect the presence of invasive species via eDNA in water
  • Basic bioinformatics data analysis
  • Advanced bioinformatics data analysis

We will be happy to answer any question you may have concerning these services and your plans for genomics experiments.

For assistance, support and advice, please contact us via: madinfo-fnwi at