Welcome to the MAD

The MAD is the Genomics Service & Support Provider of the University of Amsterdam. We operate both as worldwide service provider as well as support partner on genomics technologies and bioinformatics for academic and industrial research & development projects. With our team of expert molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, and informaticians we offer tailor-made services & support in the field of gene-expression and genome analyses:

  • We own an Illumina NextSeq 550 next-generation sequencing technology (NGS) system
  • We have access to high-throughput, high-output Illumina NGS platforms
  • We have expertise on and access to the ultra-long read Oxford Nanopore MinIon platform
  • We offer high-quality bioinformatics data analyses (only on a collaborative basis)
  • We offer bioinformatics partnership in which we embed and support your (new) bioinformatician

  • We developed several innovative NGS applications:
    • Green Forensics    an inexpensive tool to decisively address any plant breeding-right infringement
    • Genome Lineup    a affordable genotyping-by-sequencing method to depict the genetic landscape of parent-line collections
    • ViSiR                    a NGS method to detect known plant visuses and discover unknown plant viruses
    • eDNA toolkit        an approach to detect the presence of invasive species by eDNA in water

  • We can help you with every aspect of your genomics R&D (we are open to orphan projects)
  • We can provide you with ready-to-publish results.
  • We are a fully academic (not-for-profit) group and can therefore offer affordable pricing.